Winking Familie - photos by Keith Winking
Winking family currently living on the farm that has been in the Winking family since 1490. The guy in the white shirt in the middle of that photo is Herr Wiemold,  my contact person.  The older guy next to me is the grandfather who was a Russian POW during  WWII.
Here are 2 pictures of Winking's from my trip.   The one with the teenage girl and man is Katherine Winking, who I met within 30 minutes of my arrival in Gescher, and her father Franz Joseph.  Kathrine, my host, and I were walking to lunch and we happen to ran into her father on the street.
Fom left to right:
Bridget Winking, who was 15 in the 1970's and the German Winking  contact who helped the USA Winking out totterer the original document, Bridget's mother, Bridget's husband.Winking family living on the farm that our ancestors brother who stayed behind in Germany owned.  They are his direct descendants so I guess that makes them cousins of some sort. Land where Johann, our ancestors, home was when he was born.  The Winking family were basically sharecroppers so they did not  own their house. The person who took me there was an ancestor of the family who owned the land that Johann's family worked.  The guy was very nice and gave me a copy of the layout of the plots/land from back then which showed exactly where Johann's house was. 
The rest of the pictures are of the house and barns that have been in the Winking name since the 1400's. This is a picture of the church Johann attended in Gescher and the baptismal font in the church which he and many other Winking's were baptized.  The brick street is typical in Gescher and the building on the right in the picture which you can partially see, reminded me of ones in Quincy.
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